About Galyon Timber and Glulam

About Us

Galyon Timber and Glulam, Inc. (GTG) supplies Custom Heavy Timber and Glulam products including Tongue and Groove roof deck shipping throughout the Continental United States. Our products include detailed shop drawings with prefabrication and hardware pre-fitted at the factory and match marked to facilitate installation in the field at jobsites. Engineer seals for many states are available upon request. We can supply almost all specie and sizes available for roof systems.

We have worked with General Contractors in most states for over 40 years and always communicate closely with our customers during the submittal process in order to facilitate great success in the field. We work with architects performing value engineering as needed and submit shop drawings for their approval. We provide budget pricing and advise availability for many timber and glulam products.

Our History

Galyon Lumber was opened in the early 1870’s as a mill and lumberyard selling wood products in East Tennessee and eventually throughout the State of Tennessee. Galyon Lumber has become Galyon Timber and Glulam, Inc. with the current company evolving into a wholesale supplier of Heavy Timbers, Heavy Timber Wood Trusses, and Glulams Prefabricated and Pre-fitted with Connecting Steel Hardware for Timber-to-Timber and Glulam-to-Glulam connections. We sell directly to Commercial General Contractors nationwide. The current owners are the 4th Generation Galyon’s to be involved directly in the timber industry.