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Value Engineering

Galyon Timber and Glulam provide Value engineering services to help keep jobs at, or under, budget. Engineering can also be included for concealed hardware.


Fast Bid Turnaround

We understand that completing your bid package is a time-sensitive endeavor. We make it easy to upload your plans to us and we pride ourselves on quick turnaround.

Quality Products

Our products include detailed shop drawings with prefabrication and hardware pre-fitted at the factory and match marked to facilitate installation in the field at job sites.


We offer more than heavy timber and related product sales. We also have the current market prices for timber.

Covered Bridges

Galyon Timber and Glulam sells white oak, poplar, and pine for covered bridges throughout the country. These products are used for the refurbishment and restoration of bridges that were built in the 19th century and have become a romantic destination for Americans who are interested in their history.

We offer kiln-dry poplar as well as waxed ends. We also stack the wood on sticks for air drying and offer prefabrication as required. If you would like more information or a quote please send your inquiries and we will gladly contact you with more details.

Heavy Timber

– Prompt estimates & quotations
– Direct shipment to your job site
– Current market prices for timber