Heavy Timber

Timber Stop Logs

Stop logs are a great timber product used for coffer dams, waterways, or other flow systems. Stop logs can be cut, drilled, beveled, planed or treated to your specifications.

Turned Poles

Turned poles can be custom milled to your required specifications. This material can be manufactured in Doug Fir, Cedar, or Pine. Turned poles can also be manufactured as Glulam poles and pressure treated.

Gun Barrel Poles

Gunbarrel poles are an excellent product for construction of Heavy timber and glulam structures where precise measurements are needed for Proper fit. Because they have a uniform diameter, gunbarrel poles can be accurately drawn during the shop drawing process with exact dimensions for pole to timber connections.

In the field, installation of gunbarrel poles assures the contractor of a good fit and facilitates erection of the structure. Gunbarrel poles can be sized up to 24 inch in diameter and 40 foot lengths so that they can accomodate architect and engineer requirements for massive appearance and strength properties.


Keel Blocks

White oak lumber is a strong wood with straight grain that is frequently used in boatbuilding because it is naturally durable and decay resistant. While the lumber does have a moderately high shrink rate, it responds well to steam-bending and is abundant in the eastern region of the United States.

The strength and rot resistance of white oak makes it the perfect material for supporting the hull of a ship. White oak keel blocks, placed evenly around the length of the keel, will support a boat or ship for dry dock storage and prevent sagging. Keel blocks of white oak can be cut to varying sizes and widths to fit customer’s specific needs. Additionally, these are not simple blocks of wood; rather, they may be cut square, angled, or rounded on one side as needed.

Cross Laminated Timber

As technology improves and the world becomes more knowledgeable of concepts like sustainability builders have begun looking for better and more efficient ways to build homes, offices, and everything in between. Builders must take into account quality, cost, labor, sustainability, aesthetics, and more when choosing a building product. Thus, creation of new types of building materials has begun. Recycled wood and plastic are used to create brand new materials for less expense and greater durability. One popular new material is cross laminated timber.

Cross laminated timber (CLT) is a type of engineered wood created by attaching multiple layers of boards to each other in a crosswise fashion. The small pieces of wood are bonded adjacently using a strong adhesive, each layer lined up perpendicular to one another. Using small pieces of wood ensures the weak or brittle parts of full size timbers, such as knots are removed. The process creates a strong and durable wood that can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes as needed.

CLT is most commonly used for projects requiring fast assembly as the wood can be manufactured off site and delivered ready to be joined together. Once assembled the material is dry, permeable enough to allow vapors to pass through, and sturdy enough to be used as wall or flooring material. It is easily weatherproofed and can be used to quickly erect a building’s walls thus, allowing for more time to be spent finishing the interior.

CLT was produced to serve in a similar way to timber frames and masonry while being sturdier than the former and far more lightweight than the latter. When used for an exterior wall or when it is likely to be exposed to water, CLT should be treated and cladded to ensure weather proofing. It may also require additional insulation if used as an exterior building material. To learn more about building with CLT contact Galyon Timber.

Doug Fir Heavy Timber

Doug fir heavy timber is often recognized for its stability and strength and is a superb structural lumber chosen by architects, engineers, and contractors. The material is ideal for residential, light commercial, and multiple story construction. Doug fir heavy timber is considered a superior material because the Doug fir species maintains high performance under stresses such as high winds, heavy storms, and earthquakes.

Often used in a project’s interior, such as finished posts and beam frames, this species is selected because of its strength-to-weight ratio. Doug fir heavy timber may be used externally, but must be sealed or painted for weather protection.

Doug fir has a combination of strength, elasticity, and beauty making it an ideal wood for timber structures. The wood is close-grained, straight-grained, and knotted providing a naturally beautiful look. Knot sizes may not be uniform and variations in grain and color can be expected which only adds to a unique and textured look for each project. Doug fir heavy timber comes in a range of color falling into a spectrum of light red to pale yellow. The Doug fir species grows quickly and is plentiful in North America.

Doug Fir Flooring

The natural beauty and durability of Douglas Fir Flooring provides an inviting appearance for your kitchen and living area. Maintenance free Doug Fir flooring is available in both laminated and solid patterns. Doug Fir flooring can be ordered in both knotty and clear grades, depending on your preference. FSC Certified Doug Fir flooring is also available for your leeds requirements.

Wood Pipe Saddles

Used for transporting and storage of heavy equipment, steel, aluminum, and polyurethane pipes. They are usually manufactured from solid Oak because of its resistance to rot, decay and insect infestation as well as its compression properties. Wood Pipe Saddles can be made from other wood species, too, and can be ordered to meet your specifications and weight bearing properties.