Glulam Beams

Glue Laminated Timbers or “glulams” are made with smaller dimensional layers of lumber bonded with a moisture-resistant structural adhesive that provides versatility and strength by utilizing smaller second and third growth forest wood without relying on old-growth solid sawn timbers. Glulams use less wood but provide the same, if not exceeding the strength, of single timbers in both size and structure. They also provide more flexibility in their applications in that they can be straight, curved, or arched configurations.

Glulam Floor Beams

Glulam floor beams are attractive and they give the familiar comfort of a wooden house. These beams can increase living space due to thermal insulation by saving 2-4cm of thermal insulation. These beams are prefabricated, and this assists with installation.

Glulam Arches

If you are building a church, performance hall, or any other type of large open space we recommend incorporating the natural beauty of glulam arches. Galyon Timber and Glulam, Inc. specializes in glulam arches for churches and pavilions in parks as well as other projects. In addition to their natural beauty, glulam arches are renowned for their strength and use of renewable resources. In fact, glulams are considered to be one of the “greenest” products used in construction because of their efficient use of wood.

Our glue laminated beams and arches are versatile, strong, and durable. In addition, Galyon Timber and Glulam, Inc. promotes glulam arches because they are cost effective and readily available. Glulam arches and beams require less wood and are structurally engineered and aesthetically pleasing to the eye so that there is no reason to add false ceilings to cover the structured framework.

Round Glulam Poles

Round Glulam poles are produced in a Southern Yellow Pine Specie. These laminated poles are produced in diameters from 2” to 8” and lengths from 6.5’ to 25’. They are Kiln Dried before CCA treatment to increase the longevity of your project material.

Glulam Columns for the Post Frame Industry

No discussion in the post frame industry is ever completed without the mention of glulam timber. As newer and edgier architectural ideas expand into the market, the beauty and cost efficiency of glulam columns is unbeatable. If you’re considering the addition of architectural warmth, natural beauty, and structural strength to your project. Glulam columns are an appealing option.

What makes glulam columns so special?

  • Fire resistance. Like many other top-notch wood products, glulam columns from Galyon Timber have impressive fire-endurance property. While alternatives like steel lose large portions of their strength when exposed to extreme temperatures, glulam wood beams char on the surface creating a self-insulating surface.
  • Design and availability. Whether you’re looking for beautiful glulam columns for a residence, commercial, or industrial property, this timber can be manufactured and designed to meet your specifications. From architectural appearance beams to industrial appearance beams, we can design glulam beams for any space. Glulam columns are particularly popular for churches.
  • Field notching and drilling. Since glulam beams are under high stress and heavy design loads, field modifications that include notching and drilling are only done after approval from the project supervisor. This ensures that the structural integrity of the project is intact and preserved.

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